Myths and Facts about
Hearing Aids & Hearing Loss

Myth - I don’t need a Hearing Aid.If I had a hearing problem, I’d be the first one to know.

Fact - Hearing loss occurs gradually.Your friends and loved ones will notice before you do.

Myth - I’ve heard that using a hearing aid will make your hearing deteriorate

Fact - No, this is not true.Hearing experts believe that hearing aids actually may help preserve the ability to understand speech.

Myth - Hearing aids are too big.

Fact - Hearing aids are now very small.Besides a hearing loss is far more noticeable than a hearing aid.

Myth - All hearing aids are the same.

Fact - Hearing aids, like most other products, vary in sound quality, reliability
and performance. Better quality hearing aids are actually cheaper in
the long run because they sound much better, are adjustable and when cared for properly, last a long time.

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